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  1. Benchmarking UUIDs, v2


    Shortly after I published Benchmarking UUIDs, Per Wigren emailed me with a correction. It turns out the approach Jonathan and I used to time how long PostgreSQL takes to generate a million UUIDs is mostly timing how long it takes to generate a million queries:

    DO $$
      FOR i …
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  2. Seniority, Lack Of

    There was a particular moment when I realized I was very much a junior developer.

    Now, in school, I have done very well. I do well in my classes, I'm proud of the code I write, and when I've worked with others I think I've been a productive and active …

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  3. Unit Testing

    A year ago, I was learning about unit tests. I was also taking a compilers course.

    When I sat down to work on the first homework, I wasn't really in the mood. Instead, I messed around with writing a test suite. When I couldn't think of any other tests to …

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