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  1. Asking Abstractions To Modify Its Wristband Policy

    Update 2019-08-17: the Abstractions conference organizers have changed the wristband policy.

    Currently, the Abstractions II conference, which starts next week, requires all attendees to wear a wristband with an RFID tag in it for the duration of the conference, including in bed and in the bathroom. The conference organizers, Code & Supply, have not addressed the concerns I raised on their Slack, so I would like to publicly ask them to reverse the continuous wear policy, and document how the RFID tracking data will be handled. Please share this and contact the organizers. read more

  2. Benchmarking UUIDs, v2


    Shortly after I published Benchmarking UUIDs, Per Wigren emailed me with a correction. It turns out the approach Jonathan and I used to time how long PostgreSQL takes to generate a million UUIDs is mostly timing how long it takes to generate a million queries:

    DO $$
      FOR i …
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  3. Seniority, Lack Of

    There was a particular moment when I realized I was very much a junior developer.

    Now, in school, I have done very well. I do well in my classes, I'm proud of the code I write, and when I've worked with others I think I've been a productive and active …

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  4. Unit Testing

    A year ago, I was learning about unit tests. I was also taking a compilers course.

    When I sat down to work on the first homework, I wasn't really in the mood. Instead, I messed around with writing a test suite. When I couldn't think of any other tests to …

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