AWS PostgreSQL RDS Passwords

In order to set a strong password for the PostgreSQL database I provisioned on Amazon RDS, I looked up the limits. In my case, there are two sources of constraints:

  1. Amazon RDS limits
    • Must contain 8 to 128 characters
    • The password for the master database user can be any printable ASCII character except /, `, or @.
  2. Characters allowed in Amazon Lambda environment variables
    • Member must satisfy regular expression pattern: [^,]* (I cannot find documentation for this, except the error message when you try to save a value that has a comma in it.)

We can generate a password that meets these restrictions with makepasswd(1):

$ makepasswd --chars=128 \ --string

Note the '\' at the end: that means "close the single-quoted string, and append an escaped single-quote."

You can then save this to your ~/.pgpass file, being sure to escape \ and : characters:

$ sed -e 's/\\/\\\\/g;s/:/\\:/g'