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  1. Benchmarking UUIDs, v2


    Shortly after I published Benchmarking UUIDs, Per Wigren emailed me with a correction. It turns out the approach Jonathan and I used to time how long PostgreSQL takes to generate a million UUIDs is mostly timing how long it takes to generate a million queries:

    DO $$
      FOR i ...
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  2. Arriving in San Francisco

    I awoke to the countryside flashing past my window. The engineer had made good time overnight, and the train was set to arrive only a few minutes behind schedule. We pulled into Emeryville on a cloudy California morning.

    Disembarking from the end of the train at Emeryville

    The bus to San Francisco was waiting for us. It was a ...

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  3. Last train from Portland

    My trip began when I stepped out the door of my apartment. Union Station was a short streetcar ride away, and I arrived about an hour before my train was scheduled to leave. It turns out I needn't have shown up so early; the check-in process was to show ...

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