1. Arriving in San Francisco

    I awoke to the countryside flashing past my window. The engineer had made good time overnight, and the train was set to arrive only a few minutes behind schedule. We pulled into Emeryville on a cloudy California morning.

    Disembarking from the end of the train at Emeryville

    The bus to San Francisco was waiting for us. It was a …

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  2. Last train from Portland

    My trip began when I stepped out the door of my apartment. Union Station was a short streetcar ride away, and I arrived about an hour before my train was scheduled to leave. It turns out I needn't have shown up so early; the check-in process was to show my …

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  3. x230 Keys

    The Lenovo Thinkpad x230 keyboard is missing a few keys, but they are availble as unmarked function-key combinations. You can find them in the manual, but for quick reference, here they are:

    Break: Fn-b
    Pause: Fn-p
    SysRq: Fn-s
    Scroll lock: Fn-k
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  4. hostapd and the TL-WDN4800

    I have a workstation I use as a home server. It acts as a file server, a web server, an OpenVPN provider, and a router. When I discovered hostapd, I knew that I wanted my little server to also provide wireless access.

    hostapd is a piece of software that allows …

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  5. Seniority, Lack Of

    There was a particular moment when I realized I was very much a junior developer.

    Now, in school, I have done very well. I do well in my classes, I'm proud of the code I write, and when I've worked with others I think I've been a productive and active …

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  6. Unit Testing

    A year ago, I was learning about unit tests. I was also taking a compilers course.

    When I sat down to work on the first homework, I wasn't really in the mood. Instead, I messed around with writing a test suite. When I couldn't think of any other tests to …

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  7. On Week One

    How doth the dev ops intern
      Begin his work at Jive
    A history of clouds to learn
      A team on which to thrive
    How throughly he reads the docs
      On policy and code
    And carefully sets up his box
      With apps he needs to load
    To know the team and …
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  8. Lord British's Prayer

    Today, someone in chat said "That would be a little odd if we all prayed to Lord British."

    O Richard, who art in Britannia,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy Avatar come,
    Thy will be done
    on Earth as it is in Sosaria.
    Give us this day our daily mana,
    and …
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