Railway Museum

After breakfast, I walked back north. I stopped to read about the history of the waterfront and the piers and the rise of the dockworkers union.

After that, I paid a visit to the San Francisco Railway Museum. It was smaller than I expected from the name "Museum", but it was free, and the attendant really knew his stuff. I read about the history of the streetcar in San Francisco, heard about the private companies competing to provide service, operated the salvaged and refurbished remains of a streetcar that was once in service, and saw a 1:8 scale model of a streetcar.

A 1:8 scale model of a streetcar on display in the San Francisco Railway

I also really appreciated the t-shirt that read "Information Gladly Given, But Safety Requires Avoiding Unnecessary Conversation."

Then I wandered across the street to explore the market and look at all the hand-made goods, and sat and people-watched in the park for a bit. It's a bit overcast, but the sun has been peeking out from time to time, and a group of people are playing with bubbles, which delighted the couple at the table next to mine.

People playing with bubbles

Sitting in the sun next to the park, with the ferry building clock chiming the half hour, has been a fantastic setting for writing.