Breakfast in San Francisco

I walked south along the Embarcadero. For no obvious reason, there was a giant bow and arrow in the ground, with a plaque naming it "Cupid's Span".

Cupid's Span

I kept walking along the waterfront until I got to Town's End Bakery & Restaurant. I found a place to sit and the waiter took my order, and then something magical happened: they brought me mini muffins!

Mini muffins at Town's End Bakery & Restaurant

They were delicious. One of them tasted a bit of cinnamon, one had raisins, and two had chocolate chips.

Breakfast proper was the French toast sampler, which had a slice each of egg bread, whole wheat, and raisin walnut bread. Everything was delicious.

French toast sampler at Town's End Bakery & Restaurant

For dessert, I had the mini muffin with more chocolate chips I set aside earlier.

All in all, it was a great way to start my weekend in San Francisco.