Recurse Center, interviewer, March 2017 - present

I work with the Recurse Center to interview applicants. While interviewing, I look for the signals the Recurse Center staff have identified as being important, and grade applicants according that rubric.

After a conversational interview, I make an admissions decision to either reject the applicant or advance them to the pairing interview with another interviewer. After a pairing interview, I work with the other interviewer to either reject or accept the applicant.

Open Tech Strategies, system administrator, December 2018 - present

I work with Open Tech Strategies as a system administrator. This includes keeping their systems up-to-date and both planning and implementing larger projects.

Democratic National Committee, software engineer, August 2018 - March 2019

I worked with the DNC to build out features and fix bugs on, a website dedicated to registering and mobilizing voters. During the 2018 election, we helped more than two million voters locate their polling place, both via the I Will Vote website and via widgets embedded on campaign websites.

We also added information about voter ID requirements for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, so that voters are able to prepare the materials they need to avoid being turned away at the polls.

After the 2018 election, I worked on addressing technical debt we'd previously identified and modernizing the front-end software (such as upgrading from webpack 2 to webpack 4), making the project more secure and easier for developers to work on.

Open Tech Strategies, technical lead, April 2017 - August 2018

I worked with Open Tech Strategies as the project technical lead of the Provider Screening Module, an open source Java web application to streamline Medicaid provider screening.

We started with a codebase that we couldn't build, deploy, or connect to a database, and I was able to set up a single-step build process, update the app to deploy to a modern application server and document how to do so, and migrated from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

I mentored several junior and midlevel engineers, built out our continuous integration and continuous deployment system, and helped foster a collaborative and supportive open source project.

I may be able to help your team more effectively deliver quality software, by helping you with your code review practices, improving (or building!) your continuous integration set up, or as an individual contributor. Interested? Email me at